The world-class Putnam Foundation collection of European and American masterpieces is on permanent display at the Timken Museum of Art. 

The Timken’s collection spans nearly 600 years of art from early Italian Renaissance devotional paintings to late nineteenth century paintings from the United States and includes important examples of French, Dutch and Flemish paintings in addition to Italian and American. A special feature of the museum is the significant collection of Russian icons, many from the Moscow and Novgorad Schools, ranging from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century.

Don’t miss San Diego's only painting by Rembrandt, Saint Bartholomew; Jacques-Louis David’s revolutionary portrait of the Irishman Cooper Penrose; and a masterpiece by Eastman Johnson, The Cranberry Harvest. The foyer is adorned with Parisian seventeenth century tapestries illustrating the Stories of Queen Artemisia.

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